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Get vaccinated against flu now!

Asthmatics and patients with cardiac insufficiency are particularly at risk, but small children, senior citizens, pregnant women and the immunocompromised should also prepare themselves for the current wave of influenza with a vaccination.

Acupuncture – healing method or placebo?

The medical community is divided over the benefits of acupuncture. However, numerous studies prove the healing effect of the Far Eastern “pinprick method” also on the cardiovascular system.

Enjoy the warm season – with the right vaccinations

It is not only in this country that the temperatures are gradually getting warmer; faraway places are also beckoning as holiday destinations. But travel vaccinations are indispensable for unadulterated holiday enjoyment. Because vaccinations are the most effective protection against pathogens.

“Heart failure? Never heard of it!”

If Germans were asked to guess which illness accounts for the most hospital admissions in this country – the answers would probably range from cancer to heart attacks and strokes to back problems.